Submission by Elke Anning

A dream ago, we swam in soft tangerines. Eyes half-empty, half-full, we held tight onto this heaven of ours, for then, we thought it fleeting. The Sun in our arms, her drowsy lips trailed the hills – we shared a knowing stillness amid the slow lapse of a moonlit summer. “I find comfort within our silences,” I’d said, to which you lowered the radio. Not a word was spoken, rapt and weary of the scarcity that was contentment, complete and utter. I remember feeling giddy with elation in my stomach and throat – that’s where I feel happiness most – for nothing mattered more at that moment than the choice of the sunset or moonrise. All was still; a lull in the groaning cogs of worry and distress which exams had newly oiled and restored. We bid our farewells to the fallen star, driving deeper into eventide and our wooded silence.


Image credit: unknown


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