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20 years old


Star sign:

Scorpio! Although I also resonate with my Libra rising.


Favourite musician currently:

Kevin Abstract


Where did you grow up?



Name one of your fondest memories from your childhood or early teen life:

Putting on make-shift concerts to all my cousins and aunties and grandparents, wearing my sparkling red leotard and high heels. I would have been about 6.


Who makes you smile the most in your life?

The ocean! It sounds a little weird but I feel like we have conversations everyday.


As a young person, do you ever feel your age is a barrier for the line of work you’re in?

Not anymore. I believe that something is only really a barrier if you believe it is. When I first started about 18 months ago, I felt embarrassed being so young and scared people wouldn’t take me seriously. I basically just ‘faked it until I made it’. After a while I let go of self limiting beliefs and people seemed to reflect this. My business soon grew and continues to grow every week.


What do you think are some of the greatest struggles you personally have faced when it comes to body image?
A hell of a lot! I went through most of my teenage life anxious about my health, body and how I was being perceived by the outside world. I struggled with anything body related from going to the beach to dating boys, food and excise. After lots of reflection, I have come to know that the main underlying theme that linked these struggles together was fear and acting from a fear based mindset.


What brings you the greatest satisfaction in a work day?

When I am with clients, nothing is better than watching people overcome their boundaries and achieve something they originally thought they couldn’t!


What do you believe to be the most valuable piece of advice or knowledge you’ve been given when it comes to your work?
The only person holding you back is you – my dad used to say this to me everyday on the drive to school.


How do your work and personal lives intertwine?

It sounds a little cheesy, but I try to follow my intuition as much as I can when balancing and combining work and personal life. If I feel inspired to write a blog post, I will. And if I am pulled to go to the beach and spend the whole day with friends, I will. I have about 1-3 hours set aside for personal training sessions in the mornings and then I leave the afternoons as my creative/social/ personal/writing/work window and I do what I am I pulled towards that day.


What do you wish more people knew about health in general?

That health is first a mindset before it is a state of being.


How does Instagram culture impact the fitness industry?

I really don’t know much about this topic because to be honest I don’t actually follow anyone on social media that is a fitness industry kind of person! I don’t resonate with the whole body building or ‘gym junkie’ world. I have a very yogic view on what exercise is and can be used for. I try not to think so much about instagram or put pressure on myself to be a certain way on social platforms. I try to share authentic information for the right reasons and trust that whoever I attract will benefit from what I share.


What is your general style of training and how did you come to this?

I call my style of personal training ‘holistic’ as I believe movement is a doorway to growth in all aspects of life. I use visualisations, mantras, meditative practices, body awareness techniques and breath to incorporate a lot more than just the physical body in the workout itself. As a result, I aim to benefit the personal as a whole, increasing the health of not just their body but how they think, feel and see themselves on a day to day basis. This is a yogic view on movement that I have kind of taken off the mat an applied to all movement styles from running to strength training and everything in-between. If you want to read more about how I see and view ‘holistic fitness’ I have just started a series on my blog on this – runbyneveroseman.com 🙂


If people leave with one idea from this interview, what would you like it to be?

That you live in an amazingly complex and intelligent body/ mind system that is capable of incredible things! I try to encourage people to stop forcing themselves into movement and instead look at movement as a chance to explore, expand and know themselves on a deeper level.

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